Host Shirren that wears understated business clothes and is nervously flexing their antennae from side to side—a shirren expression of perplexity


Neither Male of Female, but host, the third Shirren sex, Chiskisk has been the adventures first point of contact to the Starfinder Society after Duravor Krell was gunned down at docking bay 94.

Chiskisk wears understated business cloths and prefers to talk telepathically through a third party, rather than speak using his own voice. His devotion to the Lady of Graves (Pharasma) was apparent. He is also a member of the Starfinder Society ruling council on Absalom Station.

Chiskisk office at the Starfinder Society was contained the bare essentials. A plastic and unadorned unpolished desk, a couch and coffee table to seat four people and a large terminal whose searches focused on anatomy, interstellar travel and rites and rituals of the Pharasman faith.



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